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KAlgebra Class Reference

#include <kalgebra.h>

Inheritance diagram for KAlgebra:


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Detailed Description

KAlgebra Main Window.

,,, <aleixpol@gmail.com>

Definition at line 59 of file kalgebra.h.

Public Slots

void dibuixa3d ()
void dibuixa3dMML ()
void dibuixaMML ()
void edit_func (QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &p, int)
void edit_var (QListViewItem *item, const QPoint &p, int)
void imatge2d ()
void new_func ()
void opera ()
void operaMML ()
void saveLog ()
void set_res_fine ()
void set_res_low ()
void set_res_std ()
void set_res_vfine ()
void slot_3dlines ()
void slot_3dpoints ()
void slot_3dsolid ()
void slot_editat (QListViewItem *)
void slot_getpixmap ()
void slot_togglesquares ()
void slot_transparencia ()

Public Member Functions

void add2D (QString operation)
void calculate (QString operation)
QStringList list2D ()
void plot2D (QString operation)
void plot3D (QString operation)
void remove2D (int n)

Static Public Member Functions

static QString treu_tags (QString in)

Private Member Functions

void g2d_res_check (int)
void g3d_type_check (int)
void opera_gen (QString)
void update_varlist ()

Private Attributes

Analitza a
KListView * func2dlist
QLineEdit * funcio
QComboBox * funcio3d
QComboBox * funcio3dMML
QLineEdit * funcioMML
KPopupMenu * g2d
KPopupMenu * g3d
QString hist
KHTMLPart * log
KMenuBar * menu
QComboBox * operacio
QComboBox * operacioMML
QTabWidget * pestanya
KPopupMenu * res
KTabWidget * tabFuncio2d
KTabWidget * tabFuncio3d
KTabWidget * tabOperacio
KPopupMenu * tipus3d
bool transparencia
bool ultim_error
KListView * varlist

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